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2014 Builders Blitz Site
Ten homes have been added to our 2014 Builders Blitz block--eight of them went up in just one week!

2014 Builders Blitz Transformed a Community

The 7th Annual Builders Blitz took place June 6 - 14, 2014 in the Kountze Park Neighborhood at 23rd & Laird Streets. This year, with the help of nine residential and commercial builders, 10 homes were finished during the weeklong build (eight new homes and two full-house renovations). These homes will be purchased by hardworking families through a 20 - 30 year, no-interest Habitat Omaha loan. Why do we and our building partners take on such a big task - in a week none the less? That's easy! It's about HOPE, building community, inspiring investment and making neighborhoods safer.

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Norm and Ro (2012)
Ro (right) and Norm reviewing house plans at Habitat Omaha's 2012 Women Build Wall Raising event.


Empowering Women through Volunteerism: Norm and Ro's Story

"Here, let me show you how." The first time Rosemary Simpson (Ro) volunteered for Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, the crew supervisor took her under his wing, teaching her what to do, and together they built a deck. "Instantly, I felt involved," she remembers, "and loved the reward at the end of the day of seeing what we had accomplished." That feeling of involvement kept her coming back. AmeriCorps workers invited her to build again the following weekend, and from then on kept her informed of where and when they were working...

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